Fix Printer Problems

Undoubtedly, Printers delivers  the great outcomes when they work, but when they don’t the situation becomes very disappointing.  To avoid such troubles, you need to fix printer problems. If your printer is fine, it can work reliably for many years and print the thousands of documents.  But, even a single technical issue can stop the entire functioning of your printer. Most of the people do not even bother to fix printer problems at the initial stage and later those problems turns into the big disasters. Sometimes the reasons are simple, misuse, overuse or underuse of the printer.  Many people do not use their printers so often which leads to issues like dried-up ink, blocked nozzles and a lot more. Also, the misuse and overuse of printer cause troubles like paper jam errors.

If you want to fix printer problems, you need to follow some troubleshooting guidelines to troubleshoot the errors. In this guide, we will provide you all the details about the common printer error that you may encounter while using the printer along with Diagnose and steps to  Fix Printer Problems in Windows 10. Check out the provided information to fix the errors.

Fix Printer Problems in Windows 10

The printer has now become our basic requirement. Whether you are a student or a big business entrepreneur, if you want to get the hard copies of the important documents immediately, you definitely need a printer. And if the printer suddenly stops working, the situation becomes worse.  To tackle all the printer problems without any hassle, the one must contact the experts for Printer Customer Services. The experts will help to maintain the smooth and high-quality functioning of the printer. It really doesn’t matter which printer brand you are using, the experts have a solution for all the printer related issues. So, don’t let the printer errors hamper your work, whenever the problem occurs immediately contact the experts for Printer Customer Services and troubleshoot the problem.

The common printer problems are:

  • Installation and Configuration issues.

  • Alignment Problems.

  • Decoding error message.

  • Ink Cartridge errors.

  • Unable to update the printer drivers.

  • Printer Not Printing the documents.

  • Wireless printer installation errors.

  • Paper feed issues.

  • Driver installation errors.

  • Paper Jam.

  • Network connectivity errors.

  • Unable to download the latest printer update.

The above-mentioned are only a few errors that may occur in the printer, there could be many others as well. Thus if you ever feel that your printer is not working the way it does normally or there is some technical default, immediately contact the technicians at  Printer Customer Services for help.

Our Printer Customer Services are available for the following Printer Brands:

  • Canon Printers.

  • Brother Printers.

  • HP Printers.

  • Epson Printers.

  • Samsung Printer

  • Ricoh Printer.

  • Dell Printer.

  • Xerox Printer.

  • Toshiba Printers.

  • Panasonic Printers.

Troubleshoot Printer Problems

How to Diagnose And Fix Printer Problems in Windows 10?

Some common troubleshooting solutions that you must try to fix the printer errors are:

Run Printer Troubleshooter

The printer usually comes with the built-in  troubleshooter which detects the problems and fix it automatically to maintain the smooth functioning of the printer. You can run the Printer troubleshooter to Troubleshoot printer Problems for Wireless Printer. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the settings app by clicking on the ‘Windows + I’ option.

  • Click ‘Update’, ‘Security’ and then ‘Troubleshoot’. Now, on the right-hand side, choose Printer and click to run the Troubleshooter. The printer troubleshooter will scan and detect the issues to fix them.

  • It will restart the printer spooler during the troubleshooting and clear the corrupted spooler files automatically.

  • It will also detect whether there are any outdated printer drivers causing the troubles.

  • Restart the Windows after  the process completion.

Clean the Printer Spooler

If printer troubleshooter does not fix printer problems, clear the print spooler manually. For this, follow the given steps:

  • Press ‘Windows + R’, enter ‘services.msc’ and tap to OK.

  • Now, scroll down to find print spooler.

  • Right-click ‘Print Spooler Service’ and click to ‘Stop’. After that, minimize the Windows Service Console.

  • Press ‘Windows + R’ and type  %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers and then ok.

  • Delete all the files present inside the folder. And, go to the ‘Services’ console.

  • Find ‘Print Spooler’ Service.

  • Right click on it and click to start.

These steps will help to  Troubleshoot printer Problems for Wireless Printer. If you still having a problem, you can download the new drivers which may help you to fix the problems.

Update the printer drivers

  • Press ‘Windows + X’ and click on the ‘Device Manager’.

  • Find your printer in the given list.

  • Right click on the printer and choose Update Driver option.

  • Click ‘Search Automatically for updated driver software’ option.

  • The device will search for the latest drivers and ask you to install them.

Reinstall Printer Drivers

If you are still facing the problems even after updating the Printer Drivers, then you should remove all the drivers from your printer and try to reinstall them again. Below are the steps for doing this:

  • Open the settings, for this press ‘Windows + I’.

  • Now, you have to navigate to the ‘Devices’>>’Printers and Scanners’.

  • Here, find out your printer model, click the model to expand the options and click ‘Remove Device’ button.

  • Go the ‘Start’ menu and enter ‘Printer Management’. Hit the enter button.

  • Delete all the printers.

  • At last, restart your computer. Plug back the printer cable and install the printer drivers.

For downloading the Printer drivers, you need to visit the printer manufacturer website. There you will find all the latest drivers for your printer.  These steps will help you to Troubleshoot printer Problems for Wireless Printer. But if nothing works, don’t hesitate to contact the experts to seek their advice to troubleshoot the printer problems.

Fix Printer Problems and Solutions