Solution for Canon Printer Problems

Canon MX922 Printer users do not need to worry about the printing quality as these printers are known for delivering the best printing outcomes. But, the troubles are uninvited guests which require Canon MX922 printer troubleshooting. Most of the time, problems get displayed on the screen along with the support codes. You can use the provided manual for Canon MX922 printer troubleshooting and fix the printer problems. In this guide, we are going to discuss some troubleshooting guidelines which can help you to fix the Canon Printer issues.

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Canon MX922 printer troubleshooting

Paper Jam Errors

Many times, paper get jammed in the printer while printing the documents. With the help of the following procedure, you can remove the paper Jam error from the machine. 

  • If the paper is clogged in the printer tray, pull out the paper slowly.

  • When paper jam issue occurs while taking the automatic duplex printing, try to detach the read cover and pull it out.

  • Lift or remove transport until the cover and take out the paper.

  • If the paper gets blocked in ADF, turn off the device and raise the paper lever to remove the paper from machine to fix Canon MX922 printer issue.

  • Print the test page.

Printer Won’t Print Black

  • Check whether the printer cartridge is damaged and replace them if needed. 

  • Turn off the printer and detach the power cable.

  • Take out the cartridge.

  • Place the fresh cartridge and try printing the documents.

  • Print nozzles and check pattern.

  • Check printouts, if they are not similar, cleaning is required.

  • Select the menu and find ‘Setup’.

  • Click on Select Maintenance and select the cleaning.

  • Repeat the process, if needed.

Printer offline error

  • Find the service desktop app on your device.

  • Check for the Printer Spooler service and right-click on it.

  • Tap to restart or start the service.

  • Go to the Printer Spooler properties.

  • Go to “Start-up type -> automatic”.

  • Now, you need to find the control panel on your device.

  • Click ‘Hardware and Sound’ and locate the ‘Device and Printers’.

  • Find the Canon Printer and right-click on it.

  • Choose to See What’s Printing option and select Printer>> Use Printer Offline option.

  • Again, click on printers and then Cancel All Documents.

Canon MX922 Ink Not Recognized

  • This problem occurs if you do not properly install the ink cartridges due to which printer is unable to recognize the cartridges.

  • Pull out the Ink Cartridges.

  •  You will see the small strip with a series of Gold contact on the front.

  • Clean it using a soft cloth. Make sure that it is spotless.

  • Insert them back in the previous location.

  • Close the open covers.

  • Try to restart the system.

Hopefully, with the help of the aforementioned troubleshooting steps, you will be able to fix the common Canon MX922 Printer Problems. If still your Canon MX922 printer not responding, we recommend you to contact the printer experts and seek professional advice to troubleshoot the problem.

Fix Canon MX922 Printer Problems