How to Fix Canon printer error 6000

Are you unable to use the printing services because of Canon MX922 support code 6000 appearing on your device? If Yes, then recommend you to check the Line Feed First. Most of the time, this kind of printer errors only occur when there is a Line Feed problem. There are many possible reasons that you are encountering Canon MX922 support code 6000; Your Line Feed may be scratched, or there could be small dust particles stuck in your Line Feed Drive, or the defective Line Feed Sensor. If you have tried every possible solution to get rid of this error and still unable to fix it, read the guide and troubleshoot the issue without any hassle.

Possible reasons behind Canon support code 6000 Occruence are:

  • Error code occurs when the dirt particles or paper bits enter the ‘Paper Feed’ cabinet.
  • The Canon support code 6000 could also occur if the printing tray is not properly seated.
  • Multiple printing commands from the user can also cause this error.
  • Scratches in the Line Feed.

Troubleshooting method to fix Canon Printer Error 6000

Troubleshooting Method 1

  • Turn off your printer for at least 10 minutes and after that restart the printer.
  • Check and make sure that the paper tray is properly set in the device. If you see any foreign substance creating obstacles in the printing path, then you need to remove that object.
  • Check and make sure that there is no tiny object or torn pieces of paper present in your printer. If you find any, you need to remove them immediately for enjoying the smooth printing experience with your Canon device.
  • Try cleaning the other components present in your printing device which includes the encoder strip and printhead.

Troubleshooting Method 2

You can try resetting your printer to get rid of Canon MX922 support code 6000  on your device.  Most of the time, a simple printer restart is enough to fix the problem.  

  • Your need to unplug your printer and wait for a while.  After that, plugin again to the power outlet. Turn on your printer and wait for a while for it to be active.
  • Wait for sometime and after that press then hold the ‘power’ button. Now, press the ‘Stop’ button two times in a gap of a few seconds.  Repeat the process two or three times and then release the button gently.
  • Press the ‘Stop’ button four times.

Hopefully, the steps will help you to fix the  Canon Printer Error 6000. But, if you are still encountering the same issue follow the steps below:

  • Clean the LF and EJ slit film with the help of the non-corrosive solution.
  • The Canon MX922 support code 6000  may lead due to the LF vehicle of particles and dust. Try to remove the Jammed particles from the conductor.
  • If there is any faulty printer component, then remove it from your device and replace it with the new one to fix the problem.
  • The faulty parts may include the Slit Film from the LF and EJ. It may also include the Timing Sensor unit, logic board, and Paper Roller Feed.

So, these are some simple steps that you can follow to fix  Canon Printer Error 6000  on your device.  If none of these troubleshooting solutions are helping you out to get rid of the error, contact the printer experts.  The professionals can share a reliable troubleshooting solution to fix the problem and offer you the best printer support services to make your printing experience better.