Canon Pixma Printer Wireless Setup Download

With the help of some simple instructions, a user can easily complete the Canon Pixma Printer Wireless Setup. With the help of a wireless setup, you can easily connect your printer to computer using the wireless network. When you establish a wireless connection, it provides you a privilege of printing the documents anytime from any location from your device. If you want to print some important documents from your device, you can simply select those documents and print it in just a few seconds with the help of Canon Pixma printer wireless setup.  There are basically two methods available for the printer setup- one is the WPS method and the other is Standard Connection method.  In this guide, we are sharing some simple steps following which you can easily complete the printer wireless setup without trouble.

Your Canon Pixma printer wireless setup download requires uninterrupted internet connectivity. Before you set up a wireless network, you need to verify the presence is given requirements

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  • Router with the proper functioning

  • Computing devices like desktop, laptop, MAC, etc.

WPS Connection Method

  • WPS connection method for Canon Pixma setup is very common for Windows and MAC device. The router has a WPS push button.

  • You need to check the wireless connection settings on your desktop and after that enable the WEP security for your printer setup. Below, we are sharing the simple steps to connect the Canon printer to the wireless network:

  • Turn on your Canon printer for setup and place the WPS button within the range.

  • Press and hold the WiFi button on your Canon Printer until the LED lights turned on.

  • Click on the WPS Button on Canon printer within 60 seconds when the LED light turns on.

  • While searching for the network, a blue LED will lit. When connected to the wireless network, the LED and power will stop blinking and illuminate.

  • For confirmation of Canon Pixma wireless setup, try to print the network settings of your printer.

  • For this, use A4 size sheets and put them in the printer.

  • Press and hold the WIFi button and then release it once the power light turns on.

  • The Network Information page will print when you press the WIFi button.

Standard Connection Method for Canon Pixma Wireless Setup:

If no WPS feature is available in your router, you need to follow the standard connection method for Canon Pixma Printer WiFi Setup. Here are the guidelines you need to follow:

For Windows:

  • Click on the Start button and then go to the Settings option.

  • In the settings Windows, you will see the ‘Devices’ option.

  • Choose ‘Printers and Scanners’ option and then select ‘Add a Printer or Scanner’ to add the printer in your default list.

  • Connect it to the same network to which your printer is connected and print the documents.

For MAC:

  • Select the ‘ System Preferences’ option and then go to the ‘Printer and Scanner’ option under it.

  • Now, select the ‘+’ symbol if you want to add the printer.

  • From the list of available printer options, you need to select the printer and add it.

  • Connect the (MAC device and Printer) to the similar network to which your router is connected.

  • Now, print a test page to make sure that proper connection is established.

So, if you want to complete Canon Pixma printer wireless setup successfully without any hassle, follow the aforementioned steps. Once you have completed the setup process, you can print the documents without any hassle.

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