Fix Canon Printer Status Shown as “Offline” in Windows

Are you unable to print the documents using a Canon printer due to Canon printer offline status?  Don’t worry, here you are going to find the easy troubleshooting solutions that can help you to deal with this problem.  Before you proceed with Canon printer offline solutions check and make sure that your printer power cable is properly plugged into the power outlet and restart your router because the problem may be caused due to the network failure.

My Canon printer says offline. What to do?

Following are some simple troubleshooting guidelines to fix the Canon printer offline issue:

Restart the print spooler

  • Click on the start menu and open the search box.  Now enter ‘service’  in the search bar and click on ‘Services’  from the search result.
  • Right-click on ‘Print Spooler’. Now, click on ‘Restart’.

Important- If the ‘Restart’ option is grayed out, you need to click on ‘Start’. 

  • Right-click on ‘Print Spooler’  again and select ‘Properties’.  After this,  you have to set its startup type to ‘Automatic’. 
  • Click ‘Ok’ and save the settings. 
  • Restart your computer and try to print a document to check if it works.  Otherwise, you can proceed with the next troubleshooting step.

Disable the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option for the Canon printer

  • Search for the ‘Control Panel’ using the Start menu. Now, click on ‘Control Panel’ from the search results. 
  • Click the ‘Hardware and Sound’ option and choose ‘Devices and Printers’. 
  • Find your Canon printer under the ‘Printers’ catalog and right-click on it. After that,  select the ‘See What’s Printing’ option. 
  • Click on the ‘Printer’ option to see if the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option is unchecked. If this option is to check with the tick mark, you need to uncheck it. 
  • Click on the ‘Printer’ again and click the ‘Cancel All Documents’ option. 
  • Print the document to check if your Canon printer is working or not. 

Reinstall the printer software

Your  Canon printer offline Windows 10 might be caused due to the outdated driver issues. If the above steps are not helping you to fix the problem, you can try reinstalling the printer drivers. Here are the steps to follow:

  • From the Keyboard, press the ‘Windows + R’ key to open the ‘Run’ box. Type ‘devmgmt.msc’ and click on Ok.
  • Under Print Queues, find Canon printer drivers. Right-click on it to select ‘Uninstall Device’.
  • Visit the Canon printer official website to download the latest printer drivers and install them on your computer. If you find download drivers from the official website difficult, you can simply install the Driver Easy software on your device and download the drivers without any mistake. Just make sure that enter the correct printer name and model number for driver download, otherwise, it won’t work.
  • Once, you are done with the Driver downloading, restart your printer and print the documents to see if your printer is working.

With these simple guidelines, you can fix the Canon printer offline Windows 10 on your device. In case, your printer is still showing the offline error, you need to contact the Canon Experts and take their help to fix the problem. The professionals will help you remotely to identify the root cause of the offline error and share effective troubleshooting guidelines to fix this problem.