Canon support code 1660

Canon is the best printing device that helps you to quickly print or scan and your important documents and pictures whenever you want.  You can use the Canon printing machine to print the documents for personal or professional use.  However, just like any other printing device, you may encounter technical troubles with your machine from time to time.  One of the most common errors that print users often encounter is the Canon Support Code 1660 error.  This error code signifies that something is wrong with the cartridge.  When this error appears on the screen, your device stops printing the documents.  Whenever you see this error appearing,  the orange light on your Canon device will blink four times. Fortunately, it is easy to troubleshoot the Canon Support Code 1660 error and here we are going to tell you how. In this post,  we are going to share some simple guidelines that can help you troubleshoot it error code 1660  on your Canon device. So, read on and find the simple steps to fix your concern. 

How to Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 1660?

This error could be one of the most annoying errors that you may encounter on your Canon device.  When this error appears on your screen, the device stops functioning. And,  if you want to troubleshoot the Canon printer error code  1660,  you need to follow the guidelines we are going to mention below.

Before we proceed with the troubleshooting steps, it is very important for you to know and understand the common reasons behind the occurrence of this error. 

  •  Ink cartridges improper installation.
  • Clogged or damaged Ink cartridges.
  • Misplaced Ink cartridges.
  • The device is unable to recognize the ink tank causing the trouble.

Troubleshooting the error is not a tough process, but you need to make sure that you follow all the guidelines carefully in the sequence they are mentioned. Here we go:

Re-insert the Ink Cartridge

It is one of the simplest troubleshooting solutions to fix the problem. Reinserting the in cartridges will resolve all your cartridge related troubles and let you execute the print commands without any hassle.  Here are the steps to follow:

  • Replace the Canon printer cover.
  • After this, you have to check if the Ink cartridge Red light is turned off. If it is then your ink cartridge is not properly installed. To need to reinsert it again in your device. Replace your ink cartridge and reinsert them again to fix the problem.
  • You need to check and make sure that you have an orange protective cap replace from the Ink cartridge bottom.
  • Now, click on the Resume or Cancel button to proceed with the printing task.

Clean and reset the ink cartridge

If none of the above-mentioned solutions are helping you to troubleshoot the problem, we suggest you follow the steps below to get rid of this error:

  • To Clean and Reset the Ink Cartridge, Turn off your Canon printer.
  • Disconnect the cables from your printing device.
  • After this, open the lid and carefully replace the Canon Ink Cartridge. Clean it and then re-insert it in your device.
  • Press and hold the Reset button for a few seconds.
  • After this, you would able to see the Red light blinking when the successful connection between the printer and ink cartridge has been established.
  • Hit the ‘Reset’ button and hold this button until you see the green light blinking. After that, you can release the button.
  • The Reset process is now complete and you are all set to print the test page to make sure everything is working well.

We hope that after following these simple steps you would be able to troubleshoot the Canon printer code 1660 on your device. The troubleshooting steps are pretty simple and easy to execute. However, if these steps are not helping you to resolve the problem or there is any other query hampering your printing experience, we recommend you contact the Canon printer experts and seek professional advice to find the most reliable solution to your problem. The professionals can give you the best advice and make sure that nothing hampers your user experience.