How to Fix HP Printer Scanner Problems

Windows 10 is a pretty good operating system to use. But, nothing can be perfect. The issues are quite common to occur while using the Windows 10 device and one of the most common concerns associated with it is printer scanner issues. To bring the device back to normal working routine, it is important to fix printer scanner problems. Sometimes the problem occurs due to misconfiguration or device, your scanner may stop working and it’s quite a common problem. So, if you want to fix printer scanner problems, follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting guidelines. These steps will help you to fix eliminate the printer scanner issues without hassles.

Fix My HP Printer Problem

Troubleshooting guidelines to fix printer scanner problems:

  • Check the power connection. All the power switches must be turned on and all the cords must be properly plugged in.

  • You can refresh the memory on operation instruction, this will help you to eliminate the chances of operator error. In case, if you miss any step in scanning process then don’t worry, all the steps scan again in operating manual.

  • Position the documents in a proper manner. Documents that you want to scan should be face downside on scanner bed glass. Clean the glass using damp cloth can fix scanner connection issues in your Windows 10 device.

  • Double check the settings for scan optimization to troubleshoot scanner errors. In some of the printers, user can refine settings for image only and printer mixed documents. Just make sure that you have chosen the right one.

  • Check task manager of your Windows 10 device. You have to make sure that the task manager is turned on at the time of scanning. Few printers  needs task manager on toll bar for the error-free device functioning.

With these simple steps, you can easily fix scanner problems windows 10. You can download the scanner troubleshooter to fix the problems. Just download the troubleshooter and run it.  This troubleshooter will help you to identify the issues and then fix it immediately. You can also install ‘Print and Scan’ Doctor on your device to fix the scanner problems.

Featured ideas to fix the printer scanner problems:

  • Analyse the issues occured in scanner. Your ethernet port must be properly connected to the router. The green and orange light must be glowing on the router. The light should be constant, otherwise, restart the printer.

  • Prefer to use the power-outlets on walls instead of adapters. Shut down all the applications and then device. Wait for a while and turn on the computer and printer again.

  • Download printer and scan doctor tool for free. Click on the fix scanning option to fix scanner problems windows 10. If not problem detected, tooled logo will appear. If the problem is fixed, a tick mark will appear and if the test process fails,exclamation mark will appear.

  • Some of the printers supports the Automatic Documents feeder which if unlceander, it can lead of the poor functioning scanner. Use a lint cloth to clean the ADF. wipe the residues and always remember to not to use the wipe cloth to clean it.

 These simple guidelines may help you to troubleshoot the problem. But, if you are still unable to fix printer scanner problems, consult the printer expert and take required assistance to fix the error.

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