Fix Connections to Wireless Printers

For using wireless printers, you can give connections in different ways. You can connect the printer either from the PC or via a router or via a wireless network.  You can connect a PC using a wired connection or via Ethernet port or via USB cable and fix the connections to a wireless printer. Printer connectivity also depends upon the software and drivers you have installed on your device, updating drivers may help you to fix connections to a wireless printer and bring the printer back to its normal working routine.

Fix My HP Printer Problem

Some quick steps that may help you to fix printer problems for the wireless printer:

  • Click the ‘Power’ button and turn ‘On’ printer.

  • Use the printer’s touch screen control panel display and connect to the WiFi.

  • With the help of controls of the display panel, get connected to the wireless printer.

  • Tap the Right Arrow key and touch ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’.

  • Select the ‘Network’ option from the Setup and choose ‘WiFi Protected Setup Wizard’.

  • Click on the ‘Network’ displayed on the list.

  • Enter the ‘Password’ when popup and click on ‘Done’.

  • Click on the ‘Ok’ button to confirm the ‘Settings’.

  • Click on the ‘Ok’ button again and after that try to print wirelessly or you can tap to Skip.

These troubleshooting steps will help you to diagnose and fix printer problems. So consider these troubleshooting solutions to mitigate the issues and use the wireless printer without any hassle.  If you want to connect the printer successfully to the wireless network then make sure that you install the right software and drivers for the system. You can use the installation CD ROM you got with the wireless printer to install the software and drivers.

Steps for establishing a connection between the router and wireless printer:

If you have established a proper connection between the router and wireless printer, you can fix connections to wireless printers. Here are the steps you need to follow for doing this:

  • Turn on your wireless printers.

  • Open the control panel and click on ‘Wireless’ icon.

  • Click ‘Setup’ icon and then ‘Restore Network Defaults’ option.

  • Click on Yes for the confirmation.

  • Tap the ‘Back’ arrow after you restore the default network settings.

  • Select ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’.

  • Click on the ‘Wireless Network Name’ and enter the ‘WEP’ key for the WiFi connection.

  • Click on ‘Done’ and then try to print the sample page.

If you are still unable to fix connections to wireless printers, publish a Wireless Network Test Report to inspect the Error origin and then troubleshoot the issue.

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