Windows 10 How to add a printer

After buying a new printer, most of the users have a query in their Windows 10 How to add a printer? If you also fall in the same category, this post is going to help you. Here, we will be sharing all the necessary guidelines you can follow to add a printer to your Windows 10 device. Once you have successfully established a connection between your printer and Windows 10 computer, you can give a print command anytime to your device and it will print the documents as per your requirements.

Remember: If you have recently updated your system to Windows 10, you need to install the additional software and drivers for the proper functioning of your device. For this, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and download the software.  Let’s move to the next point and learn how to add printer in Windows 10 operating system. 

Add a Local Printer: Guidelines To Follow 

  • Use the USB cable and establish a successful connection between your computer and printer.  Turn on the devices. 
  • After this, click on the Start menu and open the Settings application. 
  • Click on the settings.
  • Go to the ‘Devices’ option. 
  • In the next step, click on the ‘Add a Printer or Scanner’ option. 
  • When the windows successfully detect your printer, click on the printer name and proceed with the on-screen guidelines to complete the printer installation process. 

That’s All! You are done here and your printer setup using the USB connection is completed.  If Windows is unable to detect your printer, you need to click on the option ‘Printer I want is not listed’.  After this,  the windows troubleshooting guide will help you in the identification of your printer.  The guide will search for all the available printers and also let the users download the appropriate drivers and software for their devices. If these steps are not helping you to install the printer in windows 10, we recommend you to visit the printer manufacturer website and install the ‘Driver and Installation tools’ for the printing device.

Add a Wireless Printer  

To add a wireless printer, follow the steps below:

  • Enter the wireless setup from the LCD panel of your printer. You have to click on the Setup option and then ‘Wireless LAN Settings’. 
  •  Choose the wireless network you would like to connect with.  It is important for you to know the Network SSID to connect the printer. You can find the SSID by hovering the mouse on the WiFi icon in your Taskbar. 
  •  Enter the network password.  In many cases,  you make required to connect your printing device to the computer using the USB  connection for installing the software.  Otherwise,  that’s all you need to do and you would able to find your printing device automatically added to the ‘Printer and Scanners’ option present under the setting menu. 

In case, you run into any trouble, check and make sure that your printer is present closer to your computer and router. If your printer is having the ‘Ethernet Jack’, you can connect to the router directly and easily manage the browser printer.

We hope that after following these simple guidelines you will get to know in your Windows 10 how to add a printer.  All the mentioned steps are very simple and easy to execute.  But,  if you are still unable to establish a successful connection between your printer and computer through USB,  or there are wireless connectivity issues,  we suggest you contact the printer experts and get a piece of professional advice to mitigate the problem.  Once your problem is resolved, you can easily print the documents using your printer and computer.