Brother hl-2280dw Wireless Printer Setup

Looking for help to complete the Brother hl2280dw wireless setup? Well! This guide can assist you with that. In this post, we are going to share the simple step by step guidelines that can help you to establish a successful connection between your Brother Printer and wireless network.  If we talk about the Brother printer then this printing device is a champion with all in one feature of Printer, scanner, Ethernet, and WiFi interface. So,  read the guide and get to know about the  Brother hl-2280dw Wireless Printer Setup complete process. 

You can easily complete the Brother hl-2280dw Wireless Printer Setup if you have the Router that supports a WPS connection, a WLAN access point, or a one touch screen secure system. 

  • The first thing you need to clear while configuring your brother printer wirelessly that you do not need the wireless functionality on the computer. It is just needed to connect to the wireless network. 
  • For the wireless configuration, you will require a USB printer cable.  Since you cannot manually input the WiFi network configuration, you need to apply these configurations from your computer to the printer.  Your printer model may not come with a USB cable, so you need to buy one. 
  • To start with Brother hl2280dw wireless setup, you need to unpack the printer and remove all the stickers and packaging material. Your  Toner cartridges will be in your Brother device, you just need to reposition them.  So,  take them out and shake it.  Properly place the cartridges and close the gate. 
  •  Connect the power cable to the backside of your printer and plug it on.  Do not attach the USB cable yet. 
  •  Turn on your printer and wait until it completes the booting process.  Click on the top of the Printer’s Go button to take the sample printout. 
  •  Download the printer software from the printer’s official website.  You can also use the installation CD  you got with the Brother Printing device. 

How to Connect Brother hl-2280dw to WiFi?

  • Connect the power cable to the backside of your Brother printer and plug it in. Make sure not to connect the USB cable. 
  •  Turn on the printer and wait until it completes the booting process.  After that, click on the ‘Go’ option visible on the printer’s top screen. 
  • Now,  you are supposed to install the brother printer installation disk in the CD drive of your computer. After that, click on the .exe file. 
  • Now, click the ‘HL2270DE’ option showing at the bottom of your window to proceed with the Brother hl2280dw wireless setup process.
  •   Choose the preferred language and proceed to the next step. 
  • Tap on the ‘Printer Driver Installed’ button and after that tap on the ‘Yes’ option. 
  • Click the ‘Installed Printer driver’ option, you can see it on the top of your Windows, and after that click on the “yes” option to confirm the changes on your computer. 
  •  After this,  choose the option ‘Change the Firewall Port Settings’ to enable ‘Network Connection’ and proceed with the printer installation process.
  • Now,  you need to enter the password in the ‘Network Key’ column and again type the password in the ‘Confirm Network Key’ column. Hit the ‘Next’ button and your Brother hl2280dw WiFi setup is complete.

With these simple guidelines, you can connect your brother printer to the Wi-Fi network easily.  For the Brother hl2280dw setup,  it is important to make sure that you meet all the mentioned requirements,   only then you would able to successfully connect the printer to WiFi. If you are unable to connect the printer and facing trouble, we recommend you to contact the Brother team of experts for help. The professionals can give you the best advice to complete the printer setup process and make sure that you do not face any trouble.