Connect Canon printer to iPhone

Canon is a multinational printer that specializes in manufacturing products like printers and laptops. Users prefer to use Canon printers for high-quality printouts. Canon is the best choice for compatibility and quality outcomes. If you are an iPhone user and want to print the documents you can connect Canon printer to iPhone. In this post, we are going to share the simple guidelines that can help you to connect the printer and print the documents. So, follow the steps and connect the Canon printer to iPhone for printing documents using your iPhone device. 

Print from AirPrint Compliant Device

‘Users can use the Airprint for the printer to print the documents using the iPhone when connected to the Canon printing device. AirPrint features allow the printer to print the web pages, emails, documents, and pictures from the Apple device without driver installation. 

Check the Environments

It is important to check the user’s environment for Canon AirPrint Setup. The iPhone ( 3GS or later) is compatible to print the documents using the Canon Printer. 

Print with Airprint

If you want to Connect Canon printer to iPhone, you need to check the connection status and then you can proceed with the document printing. 

  • Make sure that your device is turned on and connected to the LAN. 
  • Use the application in your Apple device, and then tap on the ‘Operation’ icon for getting the Menu options. 
  • In the Menu option, you need to tap on the printer to proceed with the steps.
  • Under the printer option, you have to choose the model that is being used. 
  • There are chances that you may not be able to see the printer option appearing as sometimes the applications do not support this feature.  If the application is not allowing you to use the printing options, you cannot complete the printer task. 
  •  The printing option may vary as per the Canon printer model and application you are using. Most of the times, when the print is tapped and you choose the model number, the following steps show on the screen: 
    • Choose the Wireless LAN model to use. 
    • Choose the total number of copies to print. 
    • If your printer supports the duplex printing, choose the ‘On or off’ option. 
    •  The range of pages can be used with particular file types and applications. 
  • To get the first copy, you need to click on ‘+ or -”  to set the total number of copies needed. 
  • For Duplex printing, tap on the ‘On’ to enable and ‘Off’ to disable the option. 
  • If your file type with multiple pages needs to be printed, you have to Click on the range and choose the range of pages in the ‘All Pages’ section. 
  • Tap on the print option.

 We hope that these simple steps will help you to complete the Canon Airprint Setup for your device. If you are still unable to connect your Canon printer to the iPhone or print the documents, we suggest you contact the Canon printer experts and take the professional advice to get the task done.