How to fix Paper Jam Error in Epson Printer?

Nothing is scary and annoying than the Epson printer keeps saying paper jam error on the device,  especially when you need to print some important documents instantly.  Paper jam errors are very common to occur in any printer and it stops the printer from functioning for printing the documents.  It doesn’t matter which Epson printer model you are using,  it is inevitable to encounter the paper jam error.  Fortunately,  there are some simple troubleshooting guidelines that can help the users to fix the paper jam is occurring on their Epson printer device.  So,  if your Epson printer keeps saying paper jam, read the post. Here,  we are going to share the simple but effective troubleshooting guidelines that may help you to fix the Epson printer jam error on your device.  So, read the guide and follow the instructions to get rid of this problem.

How to fix paper jam in Epson printer?

If your Epson printer keeps saying paper jam, follow the steps below to get rid of this problem:

Locate and remove the paper stuck in the loading tray

  • Remove any Loose paper in your Epson Printer Loading tray.
  • Hit the ‘Resume’ button present on the front of your printer.

Important: If your paper jam problem is resolved,  check and make sure that printer carriage can move freely.  Otherwise, you can proceed with the steps mentioned below.

  • Remove the Paper stuck on your device ( One sheet at a time),  start from the middle.
  • Now, check if there are any remaining paper bits.

Important: If the paper jam error is fixed, your printer carriage must move freely,  or you can follow the steps below.

Clear the paper jam from printer rear

If you are unable to fix paper jams from the loading tray,  you can follow the guideline below to clear the paper jam from the rear of your printer.  Usually, the rear access panel or two-sided printing accessory is on the back of the printer.

Remove the Rear Access Panel

  • Find the ‘Knob or Access Tab’ on the backside of your Epson printer or the printer panel and move it to the ‘Unlocked’ position.
  • Remove the printer panel and pull out the jammed papers carefully from your device.
  • Make sure to clear all the small bits of paper from there.
  • Replace and secure the printer’s rear panel.

Other Troubleshooting Guidelines to Fix Paper Jam error

If your Epson printer keeps saying paper jam,  you need to follow the steps below to  troubleshoot this problem on your device:

  • Always remember that not to fill the paper tray.  Overfield paper tray could also be the reason behind paper jam error.
  • Make sure that you have positioned your printer slider correctly,  otherwise,  you may encounter the paper jam error on your device.
  • You need to use the Standard Office paper for printing the documents. The labeled,  folded,  and specialty paper could also be the reason behind paper jam error because they have uneven dimensions.
  • If you want to print the multiple documents,  then make sure that you use the same size of paper.
  • Your printer must be correctly seated into the tray or slot.
  •  Check your printer for any dust and debris.  Make sure that there is no foreign object in the printer,  otherwise, this will cause you the paper to send error.

So,  with the help of the simple instructions,  you may able to resolve the Epson printer keeps saying paper jam error on your device.  If you are still able to fix the problem,  we recommend you contact the Epson printer experts and take their advice to find the most reliable solution to your problem.  The experts will analyze your printer functioning,  and share the most effective solution to fix paper jam error on your device.