Steps to Fix HP Printer Error Code 49.4c02

While using the HP printer services, HP printer error 49.4 c02  is a very common printer error to occur.  This error creates a hindrance in the working of the printer.  Most of the time, this problem occurs due to the printing jobs in the printer queue.  HP printer error 49.4 c02  halt all the operations running on the printer and ask the user to restart the device. However,  this problem can be fixed by deleting all the printing jobs present in the queue or by seeking expert assistance from the professionals.

In this guide, we are going to share some common printer troubleshooting solutions that can help you to deal with HP printer error 49.4 c02.

How to Troubleshoot HP printer error 49.4 c02?

Despite Versatile functionality and advanced features, HP printer error 49.4 c02  can occur anytime in your device and hamper your printing experience.  If you are unable to troubleshoot this problem on your own, don’t worry,  with the help of some simple troubleshooting guidelines mentioned below you can get rid of this problem.  There are a number of ways to troubleshoot the issues, check out the best ones mentioned below:

Reasons behind HP printer error 49.4 c02

HP 49.4 c02 service error is one of the most hideous printer issues and unfortunately common too.  This error code is temporary, but sometimes it can even cause permanent problems.  Negligence of this error code can affect the workflow of your printing device and create a hindrance in the overall functioning of your printer.  This error commonly occurs due to communication issues between the printer and the computer. The most common reasons for the occurrence of this problem are mentioned below:

  • Damaged cable connecting the printer and computer.
  • Network connectivity issues.
  • Outdated firmware.
  • So many printing jobs in the printing queue.
  • Wrong Printer Settings.
  • Printer hardware malfunction.
  • Improper power cable plugins.

If you properly handle your device, you can minimize the chances of the occurrence of such kind of errors.  Below, we have shared some easy solution that can help you to get rid of HP printer error 49.4 c02 problems.

Delete all the printing jobs  from the print queue

Deleting the printing jobs can help you to get rid of this problem and improve system performance.

  • Click on your printer icon present on the right side of your computer.
  • Go to the printing device.
  • Open the Print Queue list and delete all the printing jobs from there.

Try printing the test page

Turn off your printer,  remove all the cables connecting your printer to the computer and turn on your printer again.  When you disconnect the cables, check if your printer is in a ready state or not. After that, try printing the test page.

Disable advanced printing features

Click on the Windows icon for HP error 49.4 c02 fix on your device.

  • Select the printer queue option.
  • Choose the Printing Preference option with the left click.
  • Select the ‘Advance’ option.
  • From the ‘Document’ option, choose ‘Advanced Printing Features.
  • Now, click on the Disable option.
  • Check Print Quality.

If the problem is still there, move to the next troubleshooting step.

Update HP Printer Firmware

The reason behind HP printer error 49.4 c02  could be the outdated firmware.  To update your printer firmware, first of all, you need to check if the latest version of Firmware running on your HP printer. For this.  You need to print the configuration page. Use the printer interface, and go to the Administration or Information or Configuration section in the menu.

Alternative Method to Update Printer Firmware

  • Visit HP Printer official website, and go to the ‘Support and Drivers’ section.
  • Enter the model number of your printer and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Choose ‘Cross OS’   from the table appearing on your screen.
  • Check if any latest version is available for an update.
  • Click on the ‘Easy Firmware Update Utility’ option if the update is available.
  • Hit the download button and complete the installation.

Update Drivers to PCL 6 Drivers

PCL 6 Drivers can help in dealing with HP Printer Error Code 49.4 co2.   To install the PCL 6 drivers, you can follow the guidelines below.

  • Visit the HP printer’s official website.
  • Enter your printer name and model number.
  •  You can also do it manually by reinstalling the drivers.

Hopefully,  the above-mentioned guidelines will help you to troubleshoot the HP printer error 49.4 c02  on your device. However,  if you are still unable to fix this problem,  you can contact the printer experts and take their help to troubleshoot this issue.