HP laserjet pro m15w setup

HP LaserJet Pro M15 W  is the most trusted choice of users for printing quality pictures and documents.  It is a monochrome laser printer shares and amazing printing outcomes with the users.  If you want to use the printing services you need to complete HP Laserjet Pro M15w Setup for your device.  The printer is the most reliable choice of the user for printing quality text and graphics.  You can connect the printer to the computer or laptop using the USB cable or through the Wi-Fi setup.  The printer also supports Apple AirPrint and Google cloud print features that allowed users to print the documents even from their smartphone device.  In this post, we are going to share the simple step-by-step guidelines that can help you with HP Laserjet Pro M15w Setup. So, read on and follow the simple instructions to complete the printer setup.

HP Laserjet Pro M15w WiFi Setup: Guidelines To Follow

Below we are sharing the HP Laserjet Pro M15w wireless Setup guidelines that can help you to connect your HP printer to the bar find network using the WPS ( Wi-Fi protected setup)  push button method.  This method allows the users to print a document from a computer connected to the same network without having connected it to the printer.  Not every printer supports wireless functionality. Thus,  make sure that your Printer can connect to the internet before you proceed next.

Unpack your HP printer.

Proceed with the ‘ connect HP laserjet pro m15w to wifi’  set up guidelines to complete the printer setup.

  • Plugin the power cable into the wall socket turn on the printer.
  • Install the print cartridges. Let your HP printer perform the startup process,  this involves printing an alignment page.
  • Your wireless router and printer must support the Wi-Fi protected setup push button method.  You can check the printer and router manual.
  • Your WiFi must have the physical WPS push button.
  •  Your network must be using the WPA or WPA 2 security. Most of the WPS routers are unable to connect through the WPS method if ‘WEP’ security is not there.
  • Most of the WPS routers do not connect through the WPS method if the user uses the default settings of the manufacturer for network name without security.
  • To connect the printer to the WiFi router, press the WPS Push Button on your HP printer.
  •  Follow the instructions present in the printed manual.
  • Press the WPS button on your router.

So these are some simple instructions you need to follow to connect HP  Laserjet Pro M15w to WiFi.   If you want to download the printer software and drivers you can visit the HP official website and get it from there.  The guidelines mentioned above are very simple to execute and let you complete the printer setup process without any hassle. But, if this does not happen, we recommend you to contact the HP printer experts and seek professional advice to get the task done. The expert will give you the best advice and make sure that you have the best printing experience with HP.