How to Resolve HP Printer Problems

Whenever we talk about Printers, HP is the first name that strikes our mind. Isn’t it?  This print brand is very popular among users worldwide due to its innovative designs, simple interface, and easy to use features. Yes! This factor could alluring but we cannot ignore the technical default that can stop the device anytime. Good knowledge of HP Printer Problems and Solutions can keep the device running smoothly for a long time. So, if you are an HP Printer user and deadly want your printer to deliver positive results, have a look at these HP Printer Problems and Solutions. The information we are going to share will help you to keep the device error-free and maintain its excellent working state for a long time.

Fix My HP Printer Problem

Here are the most common HP Printer Problems and Solutions:

Ghosting in HP Printer

By ‘Ghosting Error’ it simply means that when the printing process is done,  users see the faded text and images in the background. The origin of this problem is the improper plugin of the printer to the power outlet due to which printer is unable to perform up to its potential. You can fix this error by changing the power outlet or replacing the worn-out parts immediately.

Error 50.4

This error is most common to occur in the new HP Printers, especially if you are using the HP Laserjet Printers.  This problem is related to the power supply and to diagnose and fix printer problems, you need to disconnect the printer from UPS and then connect it to the power outlet.

Printer overheating

HP Printers often get overheated very soon. The reason behind this could be drivers or faulty cables. If you want to troubleshoot this problem, you need to turn off the printer and keep it idle for at least 30 minutes. After that update the printer drivers.

Issues with the tone

Ink stains on hand after printing the documents could give you a very annoying feeling. This could be due to a fuser issue. To solve this problem, you need to replace the fuser immediately.  Do not use the repaired fuser repaired one can cause you the same problem again.

Error 79

HP Printer Error 79 occurs due to the network printer server. For HP Printers Troubleshooting, you have to make sure that there are no pending printing jobs in the printing queue and also remove extra add-ons. After that, add them one by one to check which is causing the error to fix it.

HP printers are considered to be the most reliable printers available in the market. But, just like the other devices, HP Printers are also vulnerable to many issues. In the aforementioned points, we have discussed the most common HP Printer Problems and Solutions. If your newer HP printer is not working, check for the following issues and troubleshoot the error by following the simple guidelines.  The troubleshooting solutions will help you to diagnose the problem quickly.

Fix HP Printer Issues