123.hp.com/setup – 123 HP Printer Setup

HP is the most reliable and trustworthy printing brand available in the market. These printers are very easy to set up and install. For the smooth functioning of HP Printers, users need to Install 123 HP Printer software drivers following some simple instructions. Once everything is done, you can easily execute the printing jobs without any hassle.  In this guide, we are going to share the useful information to set up and install 123 HP  Printer. So, complete the process and get quality printouts of the documents and pictures.

Fix My HP Printer Problem

Steps to Setup and Install the HP Printer:

  • Take out your printer and place it at some convenient location on the smooth surface near your system.

  • Plugin the printer to the power outlet.

  • Connect the printer and computer using the USB cable.

  • Turn on the computer and printer and check the connectivity between both the devices.

  • On your PC, open any web browser and go to the www.123.hp.com set up. You have to download the software drivers for your printer model.

  •  Open the control panel and go to the printer setup.

  • Set your printer to its default mode.

  • On the Printer’s control panel, keep the HP Address and Network Settings same to make your work easy and simple.

  • Select the documents and pictures that you want to print.

  • Print the files using the shortcut key.

How to Install the 123 HP Printer Drivers?

It does not matter which printer model you are using, it is very important to download the correct printer drivers for executing the printing operations hassle-free.  You can download the drivers from 123.hp.com and proceed further with printing the documents. For 123 hp printer install windows, you can visit 123.hp.com and complete the process. Also, If you need expert assistance, you can contact the experts and seek their advice.

Simple Steps to Install the Drivers

  • Go to the 123 HP printer website, and provide your printer model details.

  • Choose the right option to install the printer drivers for your device.

  • At the time of installation, you will be prompted to select the connection type.

  • Once the installation process is completed, try to take the printouts using the printer.

  • If your printer prints fine, you are done. Otherwise, reiterate the process to bring the printer back to its normal state.

  • If the problem still exists, contact the experts to discover the best possible solution to your problem.

Following these simple steps, you can complete the install 123 HP printer setup and download the drivers. If you face any trouble in the process, do not hesitate to seek the expert advice to fix the problem. The HP printer experts will suggest you the best possible solution to troubleshoot the error.

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