Install Canon Printer Without CD

Canon Printers comes with the setup CD that allows the users to connect the printer to their PC. depending upon the printer model., the setup CD may be available in the additional software application for the printer.  For example – The Canon Pixma MX922 comes with the applications like My Image Garden and Easy Photo Print applications to create and print photo project. Though Setup CD provides a convenient way to install the printer, you can still install Canon printer without CD to your PC and continue with printing functions. In this guide, we are going to share all the information that you need to install Canon printer without CD. Just read out the information carefully and execute the steps accordingly.

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Install printer canon without disk

Install canon printer without CDWhether you have lost the installation CD  for the Canon Printer or the CD reader is not present on your system, you can still complete the installation process. All you need is to visit the Canon Support official website and you can access the user manual and setup software. After providing the printer model details and information about your system’s operating system, you can download the software required to install and run the Canon Printer. The driver is the software creates an interface for printer and computer to communicate with each other. You can complete free Canon printer installation download that was originally included the installation CD

The major benefits you get when downloading the driver software directly from the manufacturer’s website is that you can always download the latest version. Most of the time, the setup provided in the installation CD becomes outdated just after a few months with a new update release.

If you want, you can update the printer firmware from official Canon Printer Website. Firmware is a pre-install software which controls the functioning of the printer. With updated firmware and drivers, you can avoid printing issues.

Using Built-In Drivers:

If you want to execute the basic and quick printing without taking much time in downloading and installing the software and drivers for the Canon, you can use the built-in Canon Printer Drivers. Most of the recent versions of Windows and MAC operating system includes the printer drivers for most of the popular brands as a module of their operating system. The drivers work with the printer which supports the USB connection and do not have any other special feature included.

To check whether you can use the in-built drivers or not, you can just connect the printer to the computer with the USB cable and turn it on.  When you turn on the printer, it will trigger the process to install canon printer without CD.  After completing the installation, you must be able to add the Canon Printer.

This method can work for you temporarily, but if you want to make the best use of your printing device, Install printer canon without disk by following the aforementioned instructions. Once you are done, you can execute the printing commands without any hassle. It is recommended to download the drivers only from the official website to avoid any kind of convenience.

Free Canon Printer Installation Download