Your printer has experienced a 0x8007007e error

Have your printer has experienced 0x8007007e  after the Windows 10 update?  The error is common and many of the users have complained about this error.  This error is quite common to occur in HP Printers and Multifunctional. Usually, Microsoft Edge users encounter this problem but fortunately, it is easy to fix. If your printer has experienced a 0x8007007e error, follow the given guidelines to troubleshoot the errors.

 If you have received  0x8007007e printer error on the Windows 10 device and looking for the solutions then, you have landed on the correct place. This Error occurs in the three scenarios as mentioned below:

  • Send/Receive in Outlook.
  • Running the Windows Update.
  • Connecting to the Printer.

Fix My HP Printer Problem

Have a look at some Potential fixes to troubleshoot the issue:

To fix the printer error 0x8007007e, you need to repair the Windows Server Update Services. For the business organization, if you have different WSUS servers,  you have to repeat the same process on every server.

Delete the Software Distribution Folder Content Manually

All the Windows updates are downloaded to this folder and it acts as a buffer before the installation.  One thing you have to make sure is that you delete all the content from the software distribution folder manually(C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore). Also, you need to stop the Windows Update service before you delete the file. Once you are done, restart the update service. This troubleshooting process is applicable on standard as well as Enterprise Computers.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

If your printer has experienced a 0x8007007e error, you can run the Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix the issue.  Windows have an inbuilt Update Troubleshooter which can help you to fix the printer issues.  Once your PC is synchronized with the Update server, all the important updates will get installed on your device.

Reinstall the Printer Drivers

If the aforementioned steps didn’t work well for you, reinstall the Printer Drivers. Download and install the printer drivers from your printer’s official website and fix the 0x8007007e printer error. In the setup, you may be required to choose between the Dynamic mode, Traditional Mode and Plug and Play USB Mode.  If you have just connected the printer, select Plug and Play USB Mode. Else, you have to select the Traditional Mode for creating the Dummy Printer.

Printer error 0x8007007e shows that when a client machine is trying to connect to the remote printer, it receives a message that ‘The specified module could not be found’. This also happens in the Server-Client environment. When you install the 32-Bit Universal Driver on the server, it creates registry entry.  This key informs the client machine that it requires a copy of the DLL file for the printer in order to work with the client machine. Though, if it is a 64-bit client, it will require the 64-bit driver version. But as the server has a 32-bit version, the error occurs.

To troubleshoot the problem, just delete the Key. Post this when the 64-bit client makes the request, it will no longer tell that they need to copy the incorrect file.

The aforementioned are some simple common fixtures that can help the users to troubleshoot the Printer error 0x8007007e . just make sure that you follow the troubleshooting guidelines very carefully to get rid of this problem.

Printer Error 0x8007007e Fix