Set up Printer to Computer in Windows 10

The printer is the easiest device to set up and configure. You can Set up  printer to computer in just 10 minutes by following some simple instructions. However, if you still encounter any problem. You can always communicate the printer experts for instant assistance. In this guide, we are going to discuss the simple process that let you set up printer to computer. Follow the instructions mentioned by for easy printer setup.

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How to set up a printer?

Setting up the Local printer

  • Connect your printer to the computer via USB cable begin the setup process. Once connected, turn it on.

  • Click on the Start menu and go to the settings application.

  • Now, click on the Devices option.

  • After this, you have to choose the ‘Add Printer or Scanner’ option to proceed further with the setup process.

  • Click on the name of your printer and follow the on-screen guidelines to set up printer to computer once your Windows detect the printer successfully.

  • In case, Windows is unable to detect the printer, click the option ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’ link.

  • Follow the Windows troubleshooting guidelines to find your printer.

  • The list of available printers will appear on your screen. It will also help you to download the Printer drivers for your device.

Setting up the Wireless printer

Steps to install printer wirelessly may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Here, we are sharing some basic steps that can help you to complete the printer setup wirelessly. Though, Modern printers can detect the system anyhow.

Follow the below-given guidelines for the Wireless Printer Setup:

  • Proceed to install Printer by using the LCD panel to enter the printer wireless setup mode.

  • Choose your Wireless Network. It is very important to know the network ID and Password for the printer setup. You can find by hovering the mouse of the Wireless Network icon in the taskbar.

  •  Enter the wifi password.

Important – In some cases, you may need to connect the printer to a computer using the USB cable temporarily for the printer software installation. However, you can find your printer added in the ‘Printers and Scanner’ section automatically in the Devices option under the settings.

Following these steps, you can Set up printer to computer wirelessly. 

Setting up the Network Printer

Steps to install the network printer also vary according to the printer manufacturer. Below are sharing the steps to set up the network printer for computer:

  • Turn on your printer and make sure that it is connected to your network.

  • From the start menu, open the control panel.

  • Once you open the control panel, go to ‘Hardware and Sound’ link to proceed to setup printer to the computer.

  • Click on the ‘Add a device’ option present under the ‘Devices and Printer’ section.

  • Wait until the Windows complete its scanning for the printer. Windows will detect the printer automatically. Choose your printer and click on the Next option. In case, you are unable to find the printer in the list, click on the option ‘ Printer that I want is not listed’.

  • Proceed further with the network printer setup and skip to add the printer by using TCP/IP address or name.

If you already know the name of your printer, choose the select the printer by name. Enter the path to your printer. If you have printer IP address but no idea about the Printer’s path, you can choose printer using the hostname or TCP/IP address. Tap on the Next.

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