How to Remove Canon Printer Error Code 5100?

Canon Support Code 5100 shows that something is wrong with the Ink cartridges. Something might has jammed the printer cartridge carriage due to which this problem is occurring. Although, the user can fix the problem with the help of service mode or the user can clear the print head issues to deal with the trouble. Is Canon Support Code 5100 also hampering your experience? Well! You can read the post and follow the given troubleshooting steps to fix the problem. So, let’s move to the next part and learn the simple guidelines to troubleshoot the issue. 

My Printer is showing Support Code 5100 Canon Pixma. What To Do? 

So if your printing device is displaying this error and you want to Resolve Canon Error 5100 on your device, follow the below mentioned simple troubleshooting steps and get rid of the issue:

Reset Ink Cartridge

Your printer ink cartridge could be the reason that you might encounter this trouble with your device.  Sometimes, because of the improper in Cartridge settlement, the printer stops functioning and triggers this error code. If you want to get rid of this problem,  open the front panel of your Canon printing machine and reset the Ink cartridge.

Reset Canon Printer

Another possible solution you can try to troubleshoot the issue is to reset your printer.  Resetting the device mostly helps to deal with the common printer errors, Usually, support code 5100 Canon Pixma problem occurs when the user is using the printer for a long time, so you can try resetting the printer to relieve it from the burden of heavy printing tasks that it might perform.  It is recommended to reset the device from time to time to maintain the smooth and hassle-free functioning of the printer.  To reset your Canon printer, you can simply press and hold the ‘Stop’ button for about 5 seconds and then release the button. Your printer must start working fine. But, in case not, proceed with the next troubleshooting step.

Clean Printing Strip

The printing strips referred to the ‘White Plastic’  the material present inside the Canon printer right above the ‘Driver Belt’. This strip is transparent and performs a very important role in the functioning of the printer. So, if you are getting the Canon Support Code 5100 on your device, check whether your strip is clean or not. If the strip is dirty, you need to clean it instantly. Use a soft and dry cloth to clean the strip and your problem will be resolved. 

Clean Paper Jam Error

Another possible reason behind the occurrence of error code 5100 is a paper jam error in the Canon printer. So,  if your printing device is displaying this error, check for the paper jam and clear it as soon as possible. To do this, open the Back panel of the printer to see the stick papers and pull them out gently to fix the problem. 

Hopefully,  after following these simple troubleshooting steps you would be able to fix the Canon support code 5100  problem on your device. The troubleshooting steps are simple and easy to follow. But, if you are still having trouble using the Canon printing services, contact the experts and get professional advice to troubleshoot the problem.  The experts are available around the clock so you can contact them anytime you want.