How to Resolve Canon support code 5200

While using the canon printer services, you may see the Canon support code 5200 error on your device. This occurs when something is wrong with Ink cartridges. So, whenever your Ink cartridges are empty or close to empty, this issue occurs and the operation level guides show that colors are nearly gone.  If you are also facing troubles with your printer and unable to print the documents because of the Canon support code 5200 issue on your device, read this post. Here, we are going to share the step by step instruction that can help you to troubleshoot the problem.  So read on and follow the simple guidelines to fix the issue and continue with the smooth and error-free printing experience. 

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200 Error?

Canon is known for delivering reliable and quality printing services.  It is the most ideal choice of printer for home and business printing needs.  Many people across the world choose Canon printers over any other platform due to their user-friendly behavior and quality outcomes. Although, issues like support code 5200 Canon Pixma can always hamper the user experience.  If the problem is also annoying and you are trying to find the best solution for it, read on and proceed with the simple troubleshooting steps to get rid of the trouble.

Step by step guidelines to troubleshoot the Canon Error Code 5200:

  • If your Canon printer is turned on, turn it off.
  • After this, you are supposed to press the ‘Stop’ button. Keep it holding for a few seconds.
  • Now, you need to press and hold the ‘Power On’ button.  When you hit the power button, you need to release the ‘Stop’ button you were previously holding.
  • Press the ‘Reset/Stop’ button two times while holding the power button.
  • After this,  you can release the power button.
  • Now,  wait until your printing device shows you an ‘idle’ message. This might take a few seconds. 
  • When the ‘idle’ message appears, you need to open the top cover of your Canon printer for exposing the Ink cartridges.
  • Lift the cover-up and take out the cartridges ( both colored and black’. 
  • Now, return the cartridge holder cover.
  • Turn off the printer.
  • Return the ‘Top’ cover and then turn on your printer again. 
  • Once the initialization process is completed,  you can return the cartridges.

When it comes to the best printing services, the first name that strikes in the user’s mind is the Canon printer. The  Canon printing device is reliable, easy to use, and delivers high-quality outcomes. Although, issues like Canon support code 5200 can occur at any time and may hamper the user experience.  If you are also facing the same trouble with your device, the above-mentioned guidelines can help you to troubleshoot the problem. So, read the steps above and follow them to fix the issues. However, if the troubleshooting steps are not helping you to fix the problem, you can contact the Canon printer experts. The professionals can give you the best advice and make sure that nothing comes between you and your quality printing experience.